Roll Tender

Company Name:
RR Donnelley
Roll Tender
Tracking Code
Job Description
Loads rolls of paper on to automatic splicing unit of web offset printing press. Inspect rolls of paper for blemishes or tears and cust away damaged area with knife. Roll paper into loading position on automatic splicer, insert shaft of automatic splicer through roll core, secure holding chucks of automatic splicer to shaft ends and thread paper through press components to prepare press for printing. Apply adhesive strip to backup roll and insert backup roll onto automatic splicing unit of press to prepare paper for automatic splicing. Remove roll of leftover paper from press after automatic splicing. May operate mechanical truck to transport rolls of paper to press area. May assist with some of the make-ready tasks associated with the type of press operated such as hanging plates, examining plates, prepping and installing blankets, adjusting tension, etc. Clean press and install press components to maintain press in working order. May prepare loads of flat stock for a sheetfed press.
Required Skills
Knowledge of offset presswork procedures and materials. Ability to read and follow job specifications to determine materials needed to run each job successfully. Abiltiy to make adjustment to splicer. Knowledge to load paper.
Required Experience
Previous experience as a roll tender in a commercial print operation preferred.
Job Location
Florence, Kentucky, United States
Position Type
Employee Referral Bonus eligible

Don't Be Fooled

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